So, this isn't my first blog.

It's not even my second. Thought that one lasted at least a year!

But, here goes nothin' on another shot at a place to put my thoughts.

This isn't going to be just another lifestyle blog. It's hard to find just one thing or even just a handful of things that interest me, and yes, yes, I know that that is supposedly what makes a good blog, well, good. And that's great for some people and all, but my mind tends to work fast, and I tend to have a hand in a lot of different things. Some say too many, and they're not wrong.

So, this blog will be about all of those things.

It will be about history and cities and design and travel.

It will be about sustainable beauty and zero (or at least less) waste living.

It will be about crafts and friends and fun.

It will be able the things that excite, rile up, interest, bug, and even sometimes overwhelm me.

So, welcome! I hope you'll stay along for the ride.